Why Doctors Answer?

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Whatever your needs are, we want to help you achieve them. With over 25 years of experience, we have built hundreds of customized answering service action plans for medical professionals working at facilities of all sizes. Health care is our specialty. We do nothing else.

Everything we offer our clients is tailored to the specific needs of health care professionals, their patients and their office support teams. Our goal is to:

  • help reduce operational costs,
  • enhance patient experience and
  • position your team to focus on providing the highest quality of care.

We do that by providing you with specially trained call professionals in medical specific courses to provide reception services as low as 100 minute plan a month. We even offer a Free Trial so you can experience the difference yourself before making any commitment.


Our rate of transfer error. When it’s an emergency, we reach the right doctor in the right amount of time. There is no time for mistakes.


Medical professionals who trust us with their patients’ needs


Our correct routing decision rate. Our professionals carefully and consistently follow your protocols, contacting practitioners only when necessary.

Key Benefits

A Specialized Answering Service for Medical Professionals

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About The Doctors Answer

A Specialized Answering Service for Medical Professionals

The Doctors Answer provides specialized professional answering services specifically for the medical community at extremely low rates.

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