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Over 25 years ago, our founder was having a conversation with family members who worked in both traditional answering services and the medical community. The conversation uncovered an unmet need and the opportunity to create an answering service designed specifically for health care professionals. Decades later, we accomplish our mission every day by training, retaining and rewarding star quality call professionals and consistently exceeding the expectations of our clients.

Our business model is carefully designed to provide highest quality services and the lowest costs.  This is made possible though the consistent efforts and high standards set and met by our entire team of experienced, medically trained professionals.


“The employees at your service are saints. We have very needy patients, and they always remain professional and courteous while always treated our patients with respect.”

Katherine B., Administrator,
NYC Pain Management

“All of the operators and managers are very courteous and efficient. It's great knowing we can trust your service.”

Cecil C., Medical Assistant,
Childrens Pediatric Group

“The employees are very pleasant to our patients, and the few times I’ve needed to make changes to our account the managers surprised me with their attention to detail and professionalism."

Lauretta G., Admissions,
Tall Oaks Senior Care

Trained & Experienced

From day one of being hired at The Doctors Answer, our elite handpicked team members already have health care experience from positions in physicians offices, hospitals, 911 dispatch centers, ambulance services and veterinary hospitals, and at least two years of call professional experience.  They understand the seriousness of their role as the connector between patient and provider and are eager to develop and maintain the skills necessary to perform this role with compliance and care. We can also offer bilingual service.

As a member of ATSI,  the Association of Teleservices International, The Doctors Answer is evaluated annually by a panel of judges that conduct mystery calls into the call center and evaluate services provided.  We provide ATSI and in house training covering: etiquette, time management, first impressions, challenging calls, delivering messages, proactive customer service, health care terminology, adherance to protocols and certification in HIPAA/HITECH Compliance Assistance.  All professionals undergo retraining and are tested annually in addition to being offered incentives for high performance in topical areas.

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We Care for Our Professionals and They Care for You

The call center industry is well-known for a turn-over rate of nearly 45% annually and high rates of workplace dissatisfaction. We believe it doesn’t have to be this way. There is a reason our call professionals have been with our company on average more than six years and our company in business for more than 25.

At The Doctors Answer, we have developed and continually nurture a workplace culture that provides resources and advancement opportunity to all professionals as well as a comfortable and pleasurable place to work. Our incentive program provides for real financial benefits to those that perform at a level that not only serves the company, but serves our clients with top care. Our professionals are highly valued, and they serve with determination and a smile.

Employee Highlight

Erica Jakaitis

Start Date: 3/7/1994

Erica has been with The Doctors Answer since the beginning, over 25 years ago.  She originally came on board as a part-time call agent. In 2001, she moved up the ladder to serve as a full time on call schedules manager and dispatcher.  She is very detailed oriented and takes her responsibilities very seriously. Even, more importantly, she loves what she does: helping people and doing a good job.


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Haley Cluett

COO / General Manager

Haley Cluett is a living example of advancement within the call center industry.  In 1997, she began her career as a call professional, and over the next decades she was promoted to dispatcher, shift lead, supervisor, employee manager and now currently serves as the company’s general manager, overseeing all aspects of our operation.

Because she literally started from the ground up, she is extremely familiar with every aspect of running a call center and how things operate.  This enables her to empathize with employees because she herself was in their position at one point in her career. She has also served The Doctors Answer for so long that her depth of experience in our specific industry assists her while troubleshooting problems and preventing new ones from happening. Our clients consistently praise her insight, patience and compassion in the onboarding of their services.

Benjamin Pure

Business Development Manager

Ben began his call center career working as an agent for five years while attending Temple University. After graduating magna cum laude with a dual degree in Finance and Real Estate, he transitioned to the management side of the call center. He has had the opportunity to evolve his management skills while working with thousands of new clients at The Doctors Answer.

Ben says what he enjoys most about his work day is solving client problems at a high level and delivering real life results that solve problems. He has ground up call center experience which positions him as a resource with a vast understanding of all aspects of the call center environment as well as a good understanding of the United States telephony network.

Kelley Bierema

Employee Manager

Following six years in the customer service and customer experience industry, Kelley Bierema joined The Doctors Answer as an Employee Manager.  Her track record and passion for retention and recruitment as well as her experience as a mentor and coach make her a valued addition to our team and to the development of our workplace culture. Kelley's innovative training strategies, evaluation and incentive programs, and natural ability to motivate and inspire help our call professionals to grow, thrive and go above and beyond their work requirements.

Tanner Wozniak

Employee Manager

With 16 years of experience in the call center industry, Tanner has the "know how" needed to get the job done right the first time.  He leads by example and enjoys working with his team to ensure they are performing at their best.

Technologically savvy, Tanner stays abreast of trends in call center technology and utilizes every efficiency tool available to keep his team on the right track.

Heather Newbert

Training Coordinator

Heather Newbert joined The Doctors Answer in 2013. Her 15 years of experience in the medical field and EMS services have proved to be a great resource that she leverages as training coordinator for our professionals.  As an extremely friendly and patient trainer, it is abundantly clear that Heather cares a lot about people and enjoys taking the time to help our call professionals understand why every call is important.

Carrie Engle

Marketing and Design

Carrie is our professional Graphic Designer. She received an undergraduate marketing degree from York College and a Master of Science degree from NYC’s Pratt Institute.

She has been with The Doctors Answer since 2015. Prior to The Doctors Answer, she worked for a non-profit university in NYC as their in-house graphic designer.  Carrie is a member of AIGA, the professional association for design.

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A Specialized Answering Service for Medical Professionals

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