Why an Answering Service Is an Essential Part of a Disaster Management Plan

The Doctors Answer is a good disaster management plan for health care offices.

While the economics of hiring an answering service appears to be driving a rapid growth in the industry, medical answering services are in the spotlight for yet another reason—their role in ensuring seamless continuity for critical health services in times of unforeseen mishaps.

While all businesses prepare for breakdowns in service, it is especially important for medical institutions given the importance of the services they provide.It is imperative for all health and related establishments to plan for disasters that can disrupt or even further burden their infrastructure due to the increased call volume that one can expect at a time of crisis.

Disasters natural or man-made unfortunately amplify the need for patient care, and this patient care is possible only if communication lines remain connected. Doctors need to be reached, patients need to be transported, and family and caregivers need to stay connected to manage and mitigate the effects of any calamity. Hospitals cannot afford NOT to have backup communication in place given the central role they play in helping survivors. While always an advantage, a hospital answering service can become indispensable at a time like this.

It is important to collaborate as a team to lay the groundwork for a comprehensive disaster preparedness plan for times of crisis. Experienced medical answering services gothe extra mile by establishing multiple call centers with streamlined processes and protocols that can offset a substantial part of the affected center’s workload when needed. This ensures the best possible patient health outcome in any given situation.

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