Dr. Downtime Says: “Yes, You Can Go on Vacation.”


Summer’s over, and if you were too busy to take a vacation or let your staff have some time off, you are not alone. The Project Time Off Coalition conducted a study and found that 55% of Americans are not using all of their vacation time. This amounts to 658 million unused vacation days (222…

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You Ask. The Doctors Answer. Is Bedside Manner Really That Important?

The Doctors Answer - Good Bedside Manner

While good outcomes are the top priority for patients and providers, the way a patient perceives they are treated by their healthcare provider is nearly as important to them. And for good reason; studies show that bedside manner has a measurable effect on patient health. Understanding and improving the way your practice serves patients is…

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Why an Answering Service Is an Essential Part of a Disaster Management Plan

While the economics of hiring an answering service appears to be driving a rapid growth in the industry, medical answering services are in the spotlight for yet another reason—their role in ensuring seamless continuity for critical health services in times of unforeseen mishaps. While all businesses prepare for breakdowns in service, it is especially important…

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Why Answering Services Remain a No-Brainer in the Medical Profession

Doctors referencing a clipboard

Hiring, training, and maintaining staff that can consistently manage incoming calls 24/7, 365 days a year, even at peak call volume is extremely inefficient and yet exactly what is expected for a medical institution like a pharmacy or hospital. People don’t like but can live with being put on hold for a pizza order but…

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Medical Answering Services—Extravagance or Necessity?

Doctor talking on the phone in his studio

Medical practices across the United States today are under constant pressure to deliver quality service in every single user interaction. And with almost 80 percent of the communication happening over the phone, it logically starts with ensuring that all calls are attended to in the best possible manner. But hospitals, pharmacies, and other medical institutions…

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